The reds are taking over!

The reds are taking over, and you are the one to stop this! Infiltrate and destroy their base in Grid Gunner, a turn-based bullet hell where everything is depending on you. All projectiles and enemies move when you move so that you can take your time while figuring out how not to die. This game was made in Ludum Dare 41 with the theme of mashing up 2 unlikely genres. Grid Gunner is a combination of the bullet hell and turn-based genres.

Your Mission:

Your mission is to take out the operation from within. Unfortunately, due to your noticeable presence as a green and your un-stealthy entrance, the reds have noticed you. The reds can come in many different forms, ranging from big deadly ships to small boxes. Good luck on this mission.

Grid Gunner is now mobile!

We have recently released an Android port of Grid Gunner, so that you can play on the go! Google Play


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really awesome game! (my score is 18360 by the way (;  )


for those who enjoy watching than playing, this video is for you :D


It's pretty fun!


great game idae


This is a very good game!


just awesome


It is a nice game! I like it!


This is really darn cool! I love the simple, yet really juicy visuals. It took me a minute to get the hang of it, but the gameplay was really fun. 

One suggestion though: I think it'd be helpful if everything LERP'd into its new position in between turns. I always find that at the start of a new turn, it takes my brain a couple seconds to understand all the changes that happened... but that could also just be me.

Great LD entry!